Trung’s Honda S2000. Track or Show. It does it all

Honda has always be known for reliability with their Civics and Accords amongst the numerous family friendly options to get from Point A to Point B. Every now and then, the Japanese automaker decides to make things a little more interesting and when 1999 ushered in the 2 door, drop top sports car known as the s2000, hairdressers rejoiced with a new kid on the block. No longer would the Mazda Miata and Porsche Boxter create that exhilarating experience of the wind blowing through your hair after a long day in the office but this Honda powered 4 cylinder now brought it to a new level.

Fast forward a few years and now the tuning scene had taken the s2k to another level with offerings from Mugen and Spoon. Now this featured s2000, has seen some renditions over the years but the license plate “LRD VDR” has stayed locked in place since Trung purchased this car and modified it to be both a show stopper and track attack car. Parts ranging from an HKS supercharger under the hood to Mugen seats in the interior and TE37 Saga wheels make this Honda the complete package.

I first saw this s2k in person at a Racing for a Cure event circa 2015 when it was black and had red wheels. Now it is grey with bronze Volks to accent the carbon Voltex parts. One thing is for certain, this car performs on the track as well as it looks. Attending shows such as Driven, Midnight Rev Up, Sunday School and track events like Tougebash, if you have not had an opportunity to see this car in person, there will be a chance I am sure in 2023.

While I had seen his car in static displays at previous show events, Tougebash 2021 was where the action came into play and I was able to capture a few more shots while it was running on the track at Stratotech. Top down driving was brought to a new level and it was great to see the Honda taking the corners with ease with enough head room for his helmet. There was no hair blowing in the air that day until the drive home. Just for the record, Trung is not a hairdresser but his fulltime occupation as a General Manager at a thriving automotive dealership has provided him the funds to pour the plethora of parts into his car that many cannot see from the outside. In finalizing, the true question is posed to the owner: How do you choose what to drive? NC1 NSX or the s2000? Tough choice. Until next time.

Regards, Travis

Individuality Uncompromised


F22C1; HKS supercharger, front-mount intercooler; ID1000 fuel injectors; Radium fuel rail, surge tank, dual catch cans; T1R race header; Berk Technology header-back exhaust; Spoon Sports baffled oil pan, radiator, engine mounts; AC delete with S2000 CR accessory belt; Renegade Motorsports coolant reservoir tank; ARC cooling plate; Odyssey PC680 Extreme Series battery; Checkered Sports battery tiedown; Mugen coil packs cover

Engine Management:

Hondata KPro version 4, tuned by Kenny Sampson


OS Giken twin-plate clutch with Movement Alteration Kit (pull to push conversion); MFactory 2-way LSD; EVS Tuning differential collar kit Footwork & Chassis: Spoon Sports race-spec coilover suspension; T1R front and rear anti-bumpsteer kits; S2000 CR steering collar; Hard Dog Fabrication roll bar


Endless 6-piston caliper kit front, RF-650 fluid; J’s Racing oversize kit rear; Spoon Sports lines

Wheels & tires:

Street: Volk Racing TE37 Saga wheels, 18×10-in., bridgestone re-71r, 285/30ZR18, medium compound;

Track Duty: TE37 Saga wheels, 18×11-in., Hoosier R7


Voltex race front bumper with canards, side skirts, rear diffuser, Type 7 GT wing; EVS Tuning wide front fenders; Shift Sports CFRP bonnet, front and rear tow hooks; Mugen hardtop; Porsche 997 GT3 RS Grey Black paint


Mugen MS-R carbon bucket seats and rails; Takata harnesses; Renegade Motorsports short shifter, carbon center console; Stack dash display; EVS Tuning dry carbon door cards; ARC shift knob

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