Driven YEG 2021 Part 2: Let There be Light

Parkades have been the venue of choice for Driven for several stops in their show circuit and Kingsway Mall continued for the second year in a row for 2021. The benefit again for this year, was the open air concept to continue with the ongoing regulations that had been placed on events that expected large amounts of people. The parkade was jam packed with a good variety, even though some vehicles were not what you would expect to see at a paid to view show. With the focus on Clubs/Shops entering the show vs individual entries, there was always bound to be the questionable vehicles but there were more than enough modified vehicles to satisfy the end of my lens.

As you can see from the photos, clearly, there were alot of people in attendance that appeared to enjoy the event. One thing that I have always noticed, is the great support from sponsors and the booths that are set up each time I venture out to a show. The main thing is allowing everyone to network and keep the scene alive. This is something that is hard when it comes to casual meets with friends or outside venues. Having a covered event allows merch booths to be setup without worrying about the wind blowing everything all over the place or the chance of rain causing everyone to hustle to put stuff away.

33ten had their Rx7 out which was now rocking some aggressive Black Work Meister s1r’s vs the older set of M1’s.

The owner of this Supra found a great spot to park for a glamour shot. I could not have asked for a better spot. Industrial roll up door. CHECK. Wire fence. CHECK. BBS Wheels. CHECK.

While doing my rounds I came across a very cool display of 1/64th scale RWB models. I will openly admit, I collect miniatures and I even have a couple of dioramas and these garages were a sight to see. Next time, I may just have to pick up something for myself even though these garages are an investment but they sure make for cool captures. 1/64th’s are nice but the real deal full scale Porsches were in attendance as well.

On the perimeter of the show, Avant Garde Motorsports had a display which included an RWB sporting a set of Bronze Work Meister S1 3 piece that I have taken photos of before. Also in attendance, was the more recently finished Cabriolet “Aoyuri” that I had witnessed being completed live in 2019 at the Grant MacEwan rendition of Driven Edmonton. This RWB sported a set of Work Meister M1’s in crazy offsets only the widebody cars can pull off.

In the lineup outside, was this extremely modified Fd Rx7 from Saskatchewan. ECUWerks brought their BN Sports widebody Mazda to Edmonton which showcased the Mercedes paint (Magno Green). I was surprised to see that this car had not undergone air suspension or at least a cup kit mated with coilovers.

Further down the line, was this black on black Mclaren LB Works Mp4-12c. This was situated in a great spot for some shots from the top of the parkade. I appreciate black vehicles when they are clean and when I do not have to do the cleaning.

TT Automotive also brought their unique Jeep Rubicon to the show which was themed in Avengers wrap. When you thought the Mclaren made a statement, their other vehicle certainly stood out.

One thing that I have noticed from the shows I have attended, is that there are always cars that are not as much in abundance in comparison to the newer more attainable vehicles that are popular with the scene. The NSX is one of those cars that when you see one at the show, you just have to stop and take a look. Perhaps I am biased, since I am fortunate to have my Sebring Silver 91, but this rendition had caught my attention upon roll in. The Desmond Regamaster Evos mated with the air suspension and the Spoon front fascia wrapped in Inozetek Midnight Gold really set this car off. It didn’t stop there as under the rear hatch was a supercharger and red Recaros in the cabin.

Driven always provides shops the opportunity to showcase their wares and custom vehicles. With me being from a small town in Northern Alberta, I would not normally have the ability to check out some of the offerings, so it was a pleasant surprise to see Tomahawk Chopshop set up.

Suicide doors are found factory equipped on this classic Lincoln and Tomahawk did a fine job on this one. Paired with the aired out Lexus LS400, their booth was definitely a worthwhile stop.

Racecar Porsche, Driven had it.

I had seen images of this Corolla online from other photographers and the panda theme flowed well with the black and white. Teapsy Lab and Fake Hero decals were on the windshield alongside several other cars with this group including a Sebring silver NSX with an anime themed livery.

Euro cars had their spot from Mercedes, BMW and Audi

Another car sporting Desmond Regamaster Evo’s was the midnight purple wrapped R34. This GTR was hard to capture photos of as it drew in quite the crowd. Nismo everything could be found on this build and some may be familiar with the owner’s previous blue R33 “Zeus”.

Back outside in the ECUWerks/Armytrix booth was a Mk 5 Supra. This was the year of the Supra at Driven with several renditions found situated at Kingsway. Liberty Walk making it’s mark once again at the show.

Hondas were in abundance, from Civics to s2k’s

Many would recognize this Supra from the Calgary area. The team at Infamous Aero, custom made this kit and accent pieces proving that if you think big, big things can happen and living in Canada still has alot of opportunities.

Another racecar at Driven courtesy of Motorsports Supplies

Once again, some more photos of this rotary powered 72 Mazda R-100. I did not have an opportunity to get details from the owner as he was quite busy but let the photos speak for themselves.

I had seen this couple roll in earlier and I have a soft spot for the Honda Ruckus as I have featured a couple of them in previous Driven coverage.

There were a bunch of vendors strategically placed around the show, from 9Linez to Genius Detail, Tuner Decals and Custom Decals amongst many others, that had an opportunity to showcase what they do. I am not certain of the total foot traffic but these events always give a chance to gain some awareness to potential consumers.

I had done my rounds at this point and it was only becoming busier for spectator traffic which poses a challenge for capturing vehicles. I snapped a few more photos and then decided to head up top for one more look around.

Another show in the books from what I would say was a success for the organizers. At this time of finalizing the writing it is now the beginning of January 2023 (Better late than never should be a t-shirt I should wear haha). The 2022 season was not in the cards for me for any events due to a busy work schedule and volunteering with local events. We will see what this year will bring with new venues as dates are slowly announced for this year’s show circuit.

Best Regards, Travis

Individuality Uncompromised.

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