Daryl’s Ridox Supra

It is amazing the variety of vehicles that have graced the streets of the small Northern community of Cold Lake, Alberta over the years. At one time, there were actually 2 Ridox kitted Toyotas in town that shared some common bonds. Both had NextMod ties from the tuning shop in Ontario and also the Work Meisters on this red Supra had once been on the flagship black Supra that was featured in Superstreet magazine.

Here our story begins with the random sightings of a widebody Supra in town. As most know, it is hard to keep vehicles secret in this small community and soon it was found that Daryl was the proud owner of this JDM single turbo Toyota Supra. Apparently, since being transferred to Cold Lake as a Pilot from the Singapore Military, Daryl had a list of vehicles he wanted to try out while in Canada.  While we take for granted the multitude of cars we can own, in Singapore there are some cars that are not as tangible due to rarity and price.  Two said vehicles are the NSX and the Supra.  With that said, once the secret was out, Daryl and I met up for an afternoon photoshoot on a back country road. IMG_6385-Edittr

Originally, I brought out my Lexus to drive around in for the photo session but Daryl quickly convinced me to pick up my NSX so we could make a statement on our way out of town. Upon reaching our destination, the lighting was great for some interior shots. Inside the cabin, Bride seats as well as a Nardi steering wheel helped make the interior pop. A carbon fibre trim kit had been installed to keep with the non OEM theme and on the exterior there were custom taillights installed alongside the large TRD wing that Supras are known for.






Ridox everything on this Supra. Canards, spoiler, fascia.
This Supra is equipped with massive Work Meister S1 3 piece wheels. Measuring 19×10 +17 up front and a wide 19×12 +22 in the rear.

Since I brought my NSX out it seemed fitting to grab some shots with these 2 Japanese legends. Acura vs. Toyota. Take your pick as to which one you would like to have in your garage. I have never been a boost addict so my slow NA NSX was quick enough for me. Although from time to time I do miss my old 91 MR2. Maybe a feature on that in the future… Onto more of the photos.







Bride Zeig 3 seats



The sun started to set, so the session was coming to an end, but not before capturing an amazing silhouette shot that truly captures the timeless lines of this Japanese legend. Unfortunately, with a growing family(priorities I guess haha) Daryl has had to move to a 4 door vehicle and this Supra now has a new home somewhere in Saskatchewan, where the new owner can enjoy the open road.  Not all is lost though, as there are 4 door vehicles that come equipped with 2JZ motors that we may see Daryl driving  on the streets of Cold Lake when the family life settles in. May we say VIP platform possibly?  Until next time.



Full genuine Varis Ridox Widebody kit

Ridox front bumper

Ridox front carbon fibre splitter

Ridox front bumper carbon fibre canards

Ridox side skirt carbon fibre splitter

Ridox side skirt carbon fibre under skirt

Ridox front wide body fender Ridox rear wide body over fender

Ridox roof carbon fibre spoiler

Ridox trunk carbon fibre spoiler lip

Ridox wide body fuel cover

Varis carbon fibre bonnet with vents water catch tray

Ganador side mirrors

TRD style spoiler with carbon fibre centre

98 face-lift updated tail lights

98 face-lift updated headlights

98 face-lift updated front turn signals

HID headlights Custom fit / colour

19 inch Work wheels S1 3P for ridox wide body (bought off Tom Nguyen Nextmod Supra) 19×10+17 19×12+22 Yokohama advan sport tires


Bride Zeig 3 bucket seat

Nardi 350mm deep corn leather steering wheel

Carbon fibre overlay with clear on all dash and door panels

White faced Japan Cyber Stork gauge face LED white bulb dash gauge

Greddy white faced boost gauge (replaced OEM clock)

HKS EVC-S controller Apexi Power FC hand controller (kept away)

Pivot turbo timer

Custom leather shift knob and handbrake covers (black with red stitching)

Original new leather gear shift knob

Original grey carpet

Original floor mats dyed black

Original leather rear seats

Passenger upper glove box triple gauge housing and mount available

Pioneer X380BT single din head unit

Performance / Engine:

Apexi Power FC ECU and hand controller Trust Greddy 4 row front mount intercooler

Trust Greddy 16 row remote oil cooler plus oil filter relocation kit

HKS SSQV Blow off valve

Koyorad R-Core Radiator

RS-R full exhaust system

Twin plate clutch

Blitz SUS air filter / intake

Aluminum air diverter

Trust Greddy silicone pipes Custom housing for cold air intake

CUSCO front strut with brake booster

CUSCO rear strut

HKS Hipermax height adjustable coilovers

Staineless steel braided brake lines

Slotted front and rear brake rotors

Engine wire tuck

Custom matching colour engine cover

TRD engine oil cap

TRD fuel cap


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