Driven YEG 2019 Part 2: Exit Stage Right

It always seems that Driven requires more than one installment for the amount of content captured from the events. I have always had a problem of taking too many photos it would seem which does delay my ability to get posts up and Driven Edmonton, once again, had me pressing the shutter button on my 6d more than enough.

Bring on some of the entries from the Speedtech display which included a beautiful blue R33 GTR on Volk CE28’s and the well known S2k that I had captured in 2018 as well.


Bronze Volk TE37’s, an HKS supercharger, and a subtle widebody, accented with an aggressive Voltex wing and carbon diffusers made this Honda stand out for sure.



Onto the Speedtech Porsche 911 that I had originally seen in 2018 at the 780Tuners season opener.  While purists would call this creation blasphemous, the widened front fenders, wing and Honda K swap made this 911 very unique.




Here we have the blue “Zeus” GTR that had some Tomei parts under the hood and concave Volks.  I loved the black and blue combo.


Cannot forget about the Rocket Bunny S13 that can be found in Part 1.

Some competitors made the trek from other provinces including this Rocket Bunny S15 from Saskatchewan.  Driving up with the Elitism Crew, this S15 was not hard to miss with the purple popping through the dimly lit parking garage.


Another Rx7 that I had briefly mentioned in the first part, this RB26 swapped FD had a custom roll cage installed and it was ready for the track.





The Elitism Crew all lined up.


The lucky owner of this wide R35 GTR had won it from a car giveaway from 80Eighty


KingsMustRise was present as well.  I liked this car when it was black but it is very well known for it’s eyecatching color and styling.  The owner of this FRS proves that if you follow your dreams and put in the work, dreams can become a reality.


Nothing like a blower mated with a supercharger on this drag car.

Nice and simple Evo X with Volk Te37’s
I was surprised to see this Sebring Silver NSX at the show. I did lower it in photoshop because I felt it had to be done haha. I could not handle OEM wheel gap on mine when I first purchased my NSX. Classic Advan Model 7s with Gruppe M sideskirts and a Wings West front lip.

Driven Edmonton marked the debut of the RWB Cabriolet that had first started it’s transformation at Driven Calgary a month earlier.  The crowds gathered as the Porsche was in the final stages of being assembled by Nakai.  I could not get very close to the action but it was great for the spectators to enjoy seeing the car come together rather than having to watch it online.



The moment had come for the owner to go for the first drive with Nakai at the wheel.  As you can see, everyone lined the parking garage on each side while the blue 911 made it’s way into the daylight and onto the streets.



This marked the end of another successful Driven for the city of Edmonton and roll out commenced for all to see.





I caught the owner of this Civic admiring his car as I watched the vehicles slowly make it out of the underground parkade and prepare to hit the Edmonton streets once again.


Veilside R33 with SSR Professor SP1’s





I am not sure why I did not have coverage of this R34 GTR but this picture made up for it. LMGT4s and Z-Tune parts.
Rolling in style with this classic Impala featured in Part 1




2019 marked another great year for Driven in Edmonton and it is unfortunate that 2020 has been the year of the pandemic.  I expect that 2021 will be bigger and better than ever and Driven will be back with a vengeance.


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