780 Tuners Season Opener 2019: Part 1

Blast to the Past: 2019 Premeet at Clear Choice

Every spring brings with it the anticipation of firing up your vehicle for the first time in a long time after a typical Alberta winter(never ending and cold).  With the weather getting nicer, and memories of the first main event from earlier in the month, (Driven YYC) it was Edmonton’s time to bring enthusiasts from all walks of life together.  The 780 Tuners season opener can bring out easily 1000 participants as everyone looks forward to seeing what is new on the streets and also meeting up with old friends.

Before the main gathering, many shops have smaller scale meets and prepare to roll into the Yellowhead Casino parking lot later in the day.  Clear Choice Auto and Stay Tuned YEG decided to collaborate for a venue at the West end shop and this did not disappoint.

Dare I say Supra overload? There was definitely a variety of vehicles here including modified BMW’s, a cool Mini Cooper, a Gallardo without a rear bumper and several Skylines.  I showed up a bit late and before long, everyone was hopping into their cars in order to secure a premium spot for the Opener.


This S2000 on Volk TE37’s was simple with suspension, wheels and exhaust.IMG_3254tr



Evo’s, 350Z’s, and BMW’s all lined up


This 350z couldnt get any lower as it sat on the pavement courtesy of an air ride system.

This Mini Cooper certainly had a presence. As far as Mini’s go I would say this is one to aspire to.IMG_3211tr

Choose your color and styling when it comes to Toyota Supras.  I was impressed to see a few LHD models as they are rarer compared to the RHD versions.  Green, Burnt Orange, Red, Silver, or Grey, the choice was there.IMG_3220tr



Of course I had to capture at least one of my NSX with the new additions of wider Advan Model 5’s, BYS rear wing, and KSP front lip.
Nice and simple MR2 on 5Zigens. 


This owner made his CRZ stand out from the boring OEM

Of course I missed joining the cruise to the Casino but it gave me the opportunity to capture some roll in shots as everything from street rods to exotics converged.  Up next, the main event.

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