Driven YYC 2019 Part 3: Finale

Better Late than Never. Remembering 2019

With the day coming to an end, a few of the highlight vehicles for me were the Liberty Walk NC1 and also the Bag Barn Beetle.  With many vehicles still sporting wraps vs paint, the satin silver paint on Doczilla’s NSX really impressed me and definitely did not disappoint.  Right beside the NSX was the custom 458 that was equipped with a Liberty Walk widebody and it was covered with some very unique sharpie art.  Onto the green beetle, this was the complete package from the custom interior, airbrushed skateboard, air ride system and the wheels.








One thing that is consistent each year is the DJ booth and of course the dance area.  Looking at the vehicles is the main draw but it is nice that there is something for everyone and some of the youth had an opportunity to showcase their moves at centre stage.   Driven always provides owners an opportunity to display their rides that they have invested blood, sweat, tears, and of course money into, but it also provides both young and old a chance to see the potential of what stock vehicles can become.






IMG_2704trIMG_2602tr - CopyIMG_2597tr

Civic type R with some bronze TE37’s


This mini truck had a very cool custom metal dash and air horn setup




Not sure what Deadpool was doing wearing a Ghostbusters outfit.

Classic imports are great to see as I know the work that goes into bringing something old back to life vs modifying a newer car that does not require a paint refresh.  This AE86 Treuno certainly stood out.



Haute AG had several BMW’s in their booth including this Pandem kitted E36 with a wide set of Work Meister s1’s



Zahir with ZR Auto unveiled this widebody Mclaren that had all body work integrated nicely without the typical rivets shown.




This R35 was a giveaway from 80eighty that actually was won by a lucky owner in Edmonton.




In closing, yes there were some vehicles that could have been detailed better and some were not as heavily modified as others; but Driven YYC was once again a great event even though the weather was questionable. I do think that snow, May, and Driven coincide but it never fails to garner support.  Up next will be coverage from the 780tuners season opener.  Until next time Calgary.

Individuality Uncompromised.


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