Tougebash Edmonton: Part 2 Scorched Asphalt

The bleachers were filled with both young and old as the competitors lined up for their opportunity to set their personal best times for the afternoon. Kei cars, Euro cars, heavily modified JDM cars and several D Spec cars were competing to beat their friendly rivals and also compete against the clock. In close proximity to the track, 2 open wheeled race cars were setup for everyone to view. Decals from Speed Freaks and Motorsports Supplies accented the one that would later partake in the limbo contest. While road faring cars that are modified for the track take on their own persona, a stand alone race car always has a presence of it’s own.

Two of the cars that I was hoping would be in attendance were indeed found in the staging lanes. The once Grey RB26 powered Rx7 now looked great in blue and I was looking forward to capturing some panning shots of this one. Further down the line was the well known S2k that many would be left wondering why he was going to put it through the paces of a track session. The owner has never been afraid to hard park with the best of us and also shred some rubber in the corners seeking his best track time. After all, there is nothing like a track day with the top down.

Hondas ripped around including a new Type R, an EM1 coupe, and the bronze colored EK hatch. The more I see the classics, the more I think about bringing my EF hatch back to life.

The owner of this time capsule Civic also owns a matching NSX. Will the mid engine big brother take it to the track next time? We shall see
This owner pushed his car to the limits on the corner and had spun out prior to this lap. He made up for his mistake though the second time around the course.

Continuing with the afternoon, I almost missed the show the owner of this drift car put on for the spectators. Managing to capture the tail end of a drift with the tire smoke billowing from the rear of the car, this shot was at 1/8 of a second. Just sharp enough.

Miatas are known for their track capabilities and this one was no exception parked near the Motorsports Supplies booth.

More trackside photos of the Fd Rx7 and the S2k.

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The nice thing about Tougebash was the fact that racing happened most of the afternoon and the show and shine was the entire day. This allowed me to do my best as a hybrid shooter and I was able to capture some video footage handheld. By no means is this going to win any awards but it was another take on the day.

More track action continued as a Suzuki Cappuccino took the opportunity to take it’s turn. Parked with the sun setting made the Spoon inspired livery (Spork Sports) pop and it looked even better in the corners.

As the sun was beginning to set and cars were lining up for the limbo contest, this Spec D Rx7 was getting loaded up onto the trailer after a grueling day of scorching the asphalt. Drift competitors always liven the crowd and with Zestino assisting with sponsoring the tires for this Mazda, the driver was happy to oblige.

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Bronze Volk Te 37s combined with a custom interior and just the right ride height, this Honda Beat was awesome. While I do not recall seeing it on the track, it was great to see the mini NSX in person.

YEG Subies did their part to bring the beach party to the event. I expect that they had electric pumps to help their cause on this haha. I didn’t see a rubber duck though.

The races were finishing up and the crowds now migrated over to the food trucks area where the bar was raised and the Miatas started to line up. I always get a kick out of this portion that I first experienced at Tunerbash and the limbo contest was starting to begin. I would assume there are no rules when it comes to this contest as long as the vehicle can move on it’s own. Clearly, the amount of people on the car had no minimum as friends took the opportunity to pile on the trunks and hoods of the cars as they slowly creeped under the padded limbo bar. Even the Speed Freaks race car enjoyed in the fun and made it close to the final round. The thought crossed my mind to hop into the NSX and give it a go but next time perhaps…

The last portion of the event was the “Disturbing the Peace” where several cars joined in a 2 step competition. Civics had a go and came close but the owner of the blue Rx7 came away with the win.

As I walked back to my car, it was the end to a great afternoon as golden hour lit up the vehicles heading out for the night. Just as it had started with the Speedtech Racing 911 and EF hatch rolling in, they drove slowly out of the Stratotech Park staging area. With my gear packed up and the last sunset shots captured, one last task was at hand… the exit of the racetrack. Let’s just say that investing in the KSP lip for my NSX was well worth it as it scraped like a champ leaving the event. Will 2022 see the installation of the KWv3 coil overs and the Stanceparts cup kit, it would likely be a wise decision on my part. With the success of Tougebash in the books, I cannot wait to see how this grows in 2022. Until next time.

Individuality Uncompromised.

Regards, Travis

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