Tunerbash Edmonton: Part 2 Into the Night

While the sounds from the drag strip echoed in the air, participants started up their cars from the show area and got in line to test their times. The diversity of the vehicles was apparent as a heavily modified 55 Belair lined up alongside some newer American Muscle cars. A classic white EG civic sporting a shop decal I remembered from the early 2000’s (Zippy’s Auto) took it’s spot on the scorched asphalt and rocketed down the track. This gave me an opportunity to get back into practice with some panning shots. As the sun began to set, the racers continued to pair up and try to top their previous times, while taking on some friendly competition.

This custom shopping cart was stanced out and secured to the roof of one vehicle. I liked the A-10 Warthog decal.

The Blacklist Speed Shop 55 Chevy certainly stood out from the crowd equipped with race slicks, a blower, and a skull hanging in the windshield. Lining up to race, the driver sported some skeleton gloves waiting for his next victim on the drag strip.

Amateur racers and veterans alike, all enjoyed the evening. The Blue Line Racing team brought out several cars including a Plymouth Duster and a couple of modified Hyundai’s that put on a show with their lights flashing while driving down to the finish line. Continuing with official race cars, it is well known that the R35 GTR is already a high performing platform immediately from the showroom and after seeing the parachute attached to the Jotech R35 GTR, I knew that this car meant business. It lived up to the hype as a very quick car.

A helicopter checked out the action from above

Onto the racing and I recognized a car that I used to own before I purchased my NSX. Equipped with the classic Advan Model 5’s, the Spa Yellow paint popped on the MR2 as it flew down the track. Later that evening, the owner would try his luck at the limbo competition.

Time to try my luck at some panning shots. While static shots have their place, there is nothing like capturing the action of the race with some movement. My goal was to capture some 1/10th pans for some interesting results.

Grudge matches amongst friends made the night entertaining with Muscle vs Muscle and Import vs Import. Even some bikes entered into the friendly competition. Some races were closer than others but if you could see behind the owner’s helmets you would have seen some smiles.

With the racing starting to wind down, it was time for the limbo contest to begin. I had seen this in videos from other events before but never witnessed the entertainment in person. Sean and I both considered entering our NSX’s but instead we decided to see how everyone else faired as the height became lower in each round. The dedication was real as friends would pile into the trunks and on the hoods of cars in order to gain the extra inches needed. While the exotics faired well naturally with their low roof line, the import owners would not give up.

The ending to a great event came near and the call to the track for a friendly burnout competition began. While there were not too many participants eager to burn off their tires, the ones that did, made it count as the cheers from the crowds added encouragement . TunerBash 2020 brought the show aspect and race together for an action packed afternoon and evening. 2021 will be certain to grow on this momentum and I look forward to another hot summer show to come to Alberta once again.

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